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La main qui donne 

Project carried out through the Rozynski Opportunity Fund awarded by the department of Fine Arts of Bishops University. The founders of this scholarship, Wanda and Stanley Rozynski, are artists who have devoted their life and careers to building an artistic presence within their community. Giving back and encouraging emerging artists to develop their practice is an integral part of their heritage.


Sculpture created with recycled scrap metal and supported by training received at Soudure FRS Dion. Guided and advised by her grandfather and her uncle, the creation of La main qui donne reflects the transmission and passing down of knowledge from one generation to the next. The robust metal provides a strong foundation where the plant in the hollow of the palm can grow and push the limits of the structure. A sculpture that keeps changing and evolving from one day to the next.


La main qui donne, 2021


La petite main, 2022


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